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Yeah, since my guide to writing crossovers was pretty well received, I decided to do another guide, this time on writing the infamous original character, or OC for short, and my god this is going to be difficult, so much so that I may have to divide this into two parts, this first part will be the things you should avoid making your OC into, more or less the things you need to avoid unless you want to make your character into a Mary Sue or Gary Stu.

1. Do NOT Make Your OC a Sibling to a Cannon Character
First off, notice I mentioned sibling and not relative, because since a lot of cannon characters have unseen parents and sometimes may have mentioned an aunt or uncle, if you were to make an OC like that, that would be alright, hell it'd be pretty original too since whenever makes an OC relative, they're generally a character's sibling, but onto the sibling OC, most of the time it just raises a lot of questions, take for example for a Transformers Prime fan fiction someone were to make a sister for the character of Jack Darby, in the show it's already been established that Jack only lives with his mother June and his father based on a few throw away lines, walked out on them when Jack was young, and since most people who write fan fiction are middle school/high school students, I doubt any of them can pull some way of explaining on why this character would suddenly have a sister or a brother.

2. Never, and I Mean NEVER! make your OC a multiverser/yourself That Gets Sucked into Whatever Series Your Writing About
It's just dumb, I'm sorry, but the idea of someone from the "real world" going into the fictional world and vice versa, is just fucking stupid. Hell, look at movies that take this concept, Last Action Hero, Fat Albert, The Smurfs, those aren't exactly good stories, they're pretty bad, and if professional writers, actors, and directors cant make this idea good, how can someone with wordpad do any better?

3. Keep Your OC Somewhat Cannon to What You're Writing
Awhile back I did a list of my least favorite tropes in bad fan fiction, and when I got to the part about the bad OC, I mentioned how a magic user has no place in say Transformers or a cat girl wouldn't fit in with Halo, that's pretty much this, kind of like back in my crossover guide, you need to know about what you're writing about, and yes there has been mystical elements in Transformers before, they were generally either some weird alien crap or it's connected to the Autobots and Decepticons themselves, so making a character that's a Japanese magical girl might not be a good idea

4. Don't Make Your OC Have Friends on Both Sides
Yeah, this is a pretty big problem, generally when someone writes for a series that has two or more factions fighting, they'd want their OC to be friends with someone from both sides and those cannon characters are supposed to be nice to one another because they share a mutual friend.....BULL SHIT! And I don't mean that an OC convinces one character like a villain to join with the good guys, I mean the OC is friends with the bad guys and the good guys all the same and the cannon characters still keep their allegiances, this is so childish, and I'd forgive it if the people who write it were young kids in elementary school but these are generally teens in late Middle School and High School, some of them are even in Collage or older than I am, what the hell, you mean to tell me that you're OC is such a cool person that they can make friends with say Wolverine and Sabertooth and the both of them are supposed to forget their bloody rivalry and the fact that they both try to kill one another on a regular basis before they met your OC? REALLY?

5. Do Not Make Your OC OP
This refers to a whole lot of bad and I mean BAD OC's but for this I'll give you an example… Oh me or my, this character, if you didn't click the link, here's the gist of everything, she has the mutant ability to steal other mutant's powers except that she doesn't drain one's life force like Rouge and she can keep the powers forever, and she's immortal, she Rouge's powers but without the downside to it that made Rouge an interesting character as well as giving her limits.....and she's immortal, but that's not all, in her profile, it describes her breast size.....her character is supposed to be a SHEILD agent....why would SHEILD put down the breast size of their female agents? She also has a romantic relationship with Captain America, so props to her creator, at least she's not full on Marvel OC cliché and in love with Loki, but this character is pretty much the textbook definition of a bad OC, she can steal other character's powers and keep them forever, she can take the powers from say Galactus, Odin, and Mephesto, and keep them forever, bull....shit!

Well this was part one of my guide to writing an OC, in part two I'll bring up what you should do while making an OC instead of bitching about the worst tropes about an OC
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